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Cordia parts

The Mitsubishi Cordia is a compact hatchback that was produced between 1983 and 1988 in the US but continued until 1990 in Australia. This little coupe is one of the first Mitsubishis to be sold in the United States. Since it gets great fuel mileage and is fun to drive, you keep yours in great condition and replace any worn out parts with OEM Mitsubishi parts.

Starters – The starter sends the initial spark to your engine in order to get it going. A bad starter may make it hard to get your engine to turn over. We have starters, alternators and other electrical parts.

Radiator – A radiator with a leak will keep your engine from staying cool. Should your engine overheat, it can become seriously damaged. We have radiators, hoses and belts.

Timing Belt – All of your engine components are kept moving by the timing belt. This vital part must be replaced at regular intervals. We stock replacement belts, hoses and other maintenance parts.

When you need OEM Mitsubishi parts, we offer a large selection of parts that are exact fit replacement parts. We also offer no hassle returns and free parts lookups, so order today and get the right part for your Cordia.