Are OEM Outlander Transmission Parts Better Than Aftermarket?

The transmission is arguably the most important part in your Outlander. It’s so important that when your transmission breaks down, your car can no longer move.

A broken transmission costs a lot of money to fix or replace. In fact, replacement transmission parts are such a big investment that you should expect the transmission to be good as new once it’s rebuilt or replaced. How do you ensure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck on a transmission rebuild or replacement?

The answer is quite simple: buy OEM Outlander transmission parts. Here’s why.

1. OEM Transmission Parts are Built Just For Your Transmission


Image Credit: ChrisFix

When it comes to the moving parts in your car, universal replacement parts should be avoided like the plague. This especially rings true with transmission parts. The transmission is a finicky beast that requires all of its components to work fluidly with each other in order to function smoothly. Aftermarket transmission parts are rarely, if ever, built to OEM specs. Whether you're replacing a transmission component or the transmission itself, you want to go OEM to ensure that it lasts as long as possible.

2. OEM Transmission Parts are Backed by a Warranty


We cannot stress enough how incredibly important it is to get replacement transmission parts that are under warranty. Even if the smallest part inside a transmission breaks, you’re looking at hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs. That’s not including collateral damage to non-transmission parts.

Because Mitsubishi understands how important transmission parts are (and also because they have so much confidence in their parts), they offer a comprehensive 12-month or 12K mile warranty on all genuine OEM Mitsubishi transmission parts.

Even though aftermarket parts are pretty notorious for breaking down early, they still usually don’t come with a warranty. If you find a great deal on an aftermarket Outlander transmission part, we strongly suggest passing it up because it's likely low quality and not expected to last a long time. And when it breaks, you'll have no choice but to buy a new transmission part or even a whole transmission if the damage is bad enough.

3. It’s Easier to Find OEM Transmission Parts Than Aftermarket Parts

Your savings on an aftermarket transmission part is quickly canceled out by the hours of research you will have to do to find the right part(s) for your Mitsubishi Outlander transmission. You have to find aftermarket brands that offer transmission parts for Outlanders (beware the ones that make universal parts, by the way) and then compare these brands against each other in terms of quality, prices, reputation, etc. You will also have to ensure that the aftermarket part(s) or transmission you're looking at will fit your transmission or vehicle.

Even though finding the right part(s) for your transmission can be pretty intimidating, it’s actually quite easy when you go the OEM route. You just have to look up your Outlander model in our catalog of transmissions and transmission parts, and you'll get the right part number in a matter of seconds. It's that easy.

If you have any questions about OEM transmissions and/or finding the right part number for your Outlander, we'll be happy to help you if you contact us.